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Rumus & Contoh Present Continuous Tense

Present continuous tense digunakan untuk menunjukkan suatu kejadian atau peristiwa yang sedang terjadi atau berlangsung saat kita sedang bicara.

My brother is painting the house.
Mother is cooking in the kitchen.
The children are playing in the garden.
Please be quiet’ The baby is sleeping.
Listen! The neighbours are quarrelling again.

Present continuous tense digunakan untuk menunjukkan suatu kejadian atau peristiwa bersifat yang sementara (temporary).

I am living with my friend until I can find a house.
This machine is not working well.
John as living n his friend’s flat at the moment.
My brother is working in a bank.
David is always busy because he is working on his thesis.
Father can’t come because he is working in the office.

Present continuous tense digunakan untuk menunjukkan suatu keadaan atau situasi yang berubah-ubah.

The population of Indonesia is rising very fast.
His fathers condition is getting better.
Our economic situation is very bad and it is getting worse.
The cost already of living is increasing. Every month things are dearer.

Present continuous tense digunakan untuk menunjukkan sesuatu yang akan dilakukan di waktu yang akan datang dan telah direncanakan atau ditentukan sebelumnya.

I am meeting my father at the station tomorrow morning.
She is spending her vacation in Bali next month.
We are holidaying in Europe next month.
My sister is taking English in the second semester.
We are working in this building next week.
My father is having a meeting with his staff tomorrow morning.

Beberapa kata kera tidak digunakan dalam present continuous tense Kuta tidak boleh mengatakan, “I am liking mango very much,” tapikita harus mengatakan, Ilikemango very much” Beberapa kata kera yang tidak digunakan dalam present continuous tense adalah:


Kalimat tanya (interrogative statement)
Kalimat tanya (interrogative statement) dibentuk dengan menempatkan to be (is, am, atau are) di depan kalimat. Dalam kalimat tanya to be “am, is atau are ” artinya “apakah”.

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Are you doing your homework?
Is she copying her lesson in that room?
Is your father still working in the office?
Are the children playing in the garden?
Is your mother serving the dinner?

II.7 Kalimat menyangkal (negative statement)

Kalimat menyangkal (negative statement) dibentuk dengan menambahkan not sesudah to be (am not, is not/isn’t, are not/aren’t) dan ditempatkan sesudah subjek kalimat.

Mary us not isn’t typing the monthly report.
Mother is not/isn’t talking to her driver.
The student are not/aren’t studying English in the classroom.
She is not/isn’t waiting for a bus, but she is waiting for her friend.
I’m not/am not preparing a minutes of meeting.

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